EL Light using with Playground

How can I connect the EL Light to the A2 and use it with Playground?

Hi nerd,

First of all, apart from the A2 you need our EL light driver and an FCC cable between the driver and the A2 that you can find here.

You can connect 4 lights to the driver.
In Playground, you need to add an A2 patch and in the A2 patch an EL Driver patch. You need to enable the driver by tapping the settings of the EL Driver patch and make sure that the Enable switch is set to true.
You also need to toggle on off the lights and set the intensity of the lights. The color can also be changed for all the lights.
I’ve made a sample flow where you can change the brightness of one light and color, in the design view. Click here to copy it to your workspace.

It’s important to keep in mind that the total area of all lights cannot be too big for the driver to be able to power all the lights. The smaller the surface, the easier for it to power. If you’re considering printing a logo in EL light, maybe it’s better to just let the edges of the logo be made of light e.g.
If you use bigger surface lights and run into problems when using it, you might need to consider getting a bigger battery than the battery that comes with the A2.