Haptic Motor with A2

Hi, how do I connect the A2 haptic feedback motor to the A2? Do I need the extension board for that?


First of all, you need to connect the hardware properly. For that you need our A2 extension board, to be able to connect the haptic driver and motor. I’m using a driver called DRV2605L, you can find the driver here and the motor here.
You need to connect the A2 to the extension board using an FCC cable. Look at the picture below:

The motor should be connected to the driver as in the picture below:

Next you need to connect the extension board to the haptic driver:
IO0 -> IN
See the picture below for the connection between the A2 extension board and the haptic driver:

When the hardware is connected we can move on and create a flow to control the device. We will use I2C to enable the driver and analog out of the A2 to control the motor.
I’ve created a simple sample flow that you can look at that uses a switch in the design page to enable the drivers. The slider is used to control the intensity of the motor. You can copy the flow to your workspace by clicking here.