QR-Code scanning

Hi there, is there a simple way to use Playground and scan QR-Codes?


Yes there is. There is a patch called QR Code scanner, you’ll find under Tag readers when adding a new patch in Playground.
It has an input called Trigger read. When something is sent to this input, a camera view will open and the camera is now looking for QR codes. When a code is found, the value will sent on Code out.
A simple flow to test this could be adding a button in the design page, connecting the output of the button, though the output of the design page patch, to the Trigger read of the QR Code scanner patch.
Add a label to the design page, connect from the Code out, to the input of the design page, and from there to Title of the text label patch.
Now, select the design tab in Playground and tap the button. You can use this page: https://www.qr-code-generator.com to generate a code to test scanning.
Here’s a sample flow showing the above: https://playground.neue.se/#/share/d4ccea2e-b550-453a-b6fa-ee89bfa6c8c5
Just click the link and it will be added to your current workspace in Playground. If the Playground app is running, go to the Create tab and drag the flows down to refresh, (pull to refresh), now you should see the flow.
I hope you find this answer helpful!
Br, Emil, Neue